Personal Status

Personal status | The system has allocated specialized courts that deal with the legal and legal rules that regulate the relationship of individuals among themselves in terms of lineage, marriage, and the resulting affinity, birth, guardianship, custody, mutual rights and duties, and the imbalances that may result in rights to alimony, custody, inheritance, and will. We, through our qualified staff and our advanced experience in this field, provide our clients with the necessary solutions to the defects in these relations and the obligation of rights before those courts.

1. Division of estates:

We carry out procedures for sorting consensual and non-consensual inheritances, resolving issues arising from that sorting, clearing the inheritance of any impediments to sorting, and representing the heirs before the specialized judicial courts, in part or in whole, whether the inheritance is money, real estate, or movable, and everything left by the inheritor after his death.

2. Evidence of wills and endowments:

Through our department specialized in wills and endowments, we prove the will or endowment, issue the necessary rulings for that, manage it in the event of the beholder or guardian’s desire, hold the beholder accountable in the event of his breach, and demand his removal, as well as present and follow-up arguments for constancy, resolve issues arising from its application, and add limits, lengths, or area to it.

3. Oversight of endowments:

We assume the role of overseers on behalf of the principal or commissioned by the court, if necessary, to preserve and develop it, control its expenses mentioned in the endowment document, and not prejudice the right of the heir or the owner of the endowment.

4. Alimony, custody and visitation issues:

We provide the necessary solutions in cases related to judicial disputes between a divorced woman and her ex-husband, including all types of alimony issues, child custody, visit times for non-custodians, and all issues related to the marriage contract.

5. Terminations:

We can apply on behalf of the principal by proving a permit to sell the property, a permit to buy it for a minor, proof of adjacent limits, a permission to mortgage a waqf property, and issuance of a temporary ownership document, or divorce, life and non-marriage, or lack of a job or guardianship.