General issues

Resolve all and all issues related to disputes over public funds, citizens’ rights, and social problems.

1. Claiming rights with others: We can file human rights claims for workers and employees with the public and private sectors, with third parties, or with pensions, retirement, or social insurance.

2. Real estate issues: Resolving all judicial disputes related to residential and agricultural real estate and in the field of real estate investment for individuals, companies, or private and public bodies, and following up the claim for the liquidation of real estate contributions, standing on them and resolving their problems.

3. Proof of Ownership Issues: Evidence of ownership of an individual, entity, or institution for something such as owning real estate, lands, or private institutions and companies, and it can be proven by hand-holding, contract, grant, or feudalism, and proving that before the judicial authorities.

4. Cases related to civil contracts: Through the work team that has gained the necessary experience, we formulate and build contracts in an elaborate manner according to the necessary provisions to protect each contracting party, adjust the agreement mechanism with the necessary conditions and expected precautions, and determine the necessary appendices according to the work schedule on the basis of which the contract was concluded.

5. Non-commercial contracting issues: We file cases of public and private contracting companies that are not subject to commercial courts, in addition to everything that derives from these cases